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The Pile Up of Discouragement

Have you ever felt like you’re doing more things right than you have ever done, but more of the wrong things are happening to you than ever before?

…And it’s like they’re not just happening. They are stacking up against you as a burial site or something. In my head as I saw the list of costly repairs to our vehicle along with the Christmas list and the camper renovation list and the house update list, I started feeling discouraged. On top of these things were dental appt.’s and doctor check ups, a much needed car cleaning, and some family needs. There were deadlines and pending dates that we had to show up for, there was work and laundry, cooking and cleaning, and preparing to host events, and then a few funerals too. At the same time our church members and community expressed having major pile ups as well. I was saddened! My heart has grieved what people are surviving and living through. Sickness, sadness, loss, grief, debt, disturbances, and discouragement.

I never thought I’d see the day that people are so scared to take a breath, give a deep sigh, or sit patiently in hope. I’ve watched good people suffer long. Yet in the depths of my core a distinct whisper makes itself present to be my reminder (on repeat) that there is REWARD for living right, doing good, and walking the path of Christianity!

Courage Question: Do you need something to change in your favor?

Courage Quote: God, we need Your favor ON our lives to change some things IN or lives!

Next Journal Time is about… The Overcomer of Discouragement! Join us next week as we get into healthy perspective.

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