Hope in the Lord. Be Renewed. Soar.

As I read and reread Isaiah 40:31, I know I haven’t “arrived” yet!
Is your strength renewed?  Do you feel like your floating on air or mounting up with wings like the eagles?  Can you run without becoming weary?  And walk without fainting?  Maybe your close and you’ve answered yes to some of these questions.  Most of us however, feel behind in many areas of our lives. Five weak days out of seven days a week lets us know how low our energy level is running… Where is that mountain view and fresh air? Where is that second wind?

When hope is present, there is magnificent possibilities for your life!  Each day is important in fulfilling your God-given purpose.  God ideas are in place to lift your spirit and open new doors for dreams to awaken.  He alone gets us ahead and make us new. Improvement comes because His ways and thoughts are not our ways and thoughts-they are higher than ours!

“…those who wait (to stay in a place looking forward to something that is expected to happen) on the LORD shall renew (to make strong and new again-to begin again-to put in a fresh supply) their strength (power to resist force or attack); they shall mount (ascend-climb-increase-to prepare for use or display by fastening in position on a support) up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not grow weary (having ones patience, pleasure, or interest worn out), they shall walk and not faint (lack courage).”

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