Dream Pushing

“Push” they said. I didn’t feel like pushing but I’m thinking: “I don’t want to stay pregnant either! Nine months has been long enough…I want to have this thing.” Life takes on a whole new inevitable role now. This is more than me, higher than my ways, higher than my thoughts. The creation of a dream is incredible.

Today is a due date for us to deliver. Put yourself into the hands of the Almighty. “Push, he’s coming.” There is a dream inside and we don’t even know what it looks like yet! We have only an idea of what it can be; it’s just beginning. Are you going to be an incubator for life? When the time is right, delivery comes. His hands are ready to catch your dream. That person who has things inside them…when they experience deliverance, it (the dream) takes on a whole new role because now it is in their hands! Here, the dream expands.

“Push” we’re saying, and you’re possibly thinking: “I don’t feel like pushing but I don’t want to stay bound either! I want to deliver and be delivered. I want to have this thing called life…the way it’s suppose to be, the way it was meant for me.” Delivery comes and those things aren’t on the inside anymore. We’ve been delivered of things we now hold in our hands for Christ’s plans. The dream will grow beyond your hands.

The dream push is learning how to develop resistance to complacency, bad people, bad behavior, bad choices, temptations, etc. for the reality of a dream. God has a way of creating “Push” in us. He sets up resiliency: “Submit to God, resist the enemy and he will flee.” James is a reminder to surrender or submit to God-not the enemy. He gives us instructions to resist the enemy-not God! The enemy is having his way too much and is sticking around too long through dissappointment, exposure & fear that says: “Why push? Just leave things be. Leave it alone…no uproars…stay quiet, don’t push.” Waiting can bring complications though. The Dr. knows when it’s time and the man of God knows when it’s time to “Push!” Get behind your dreams and push for completion.

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