Rain Rain Go Away!

The sun comes up and my eyelids raise simultaneously as I feel the expectancy of a BRAND NEW day. It’s a miracle and a blessing to have “sunshine on a cloudy day…when it’s cold outside, I got the month of May!” What can make me feel this way?  My God…I’m talking about my God.

I knew a young girl once, who was waiting on a miracle herself.  There she was in her hospital room standing in front of the mirror. It was suppose to be (Tiffany’s) day to finally go home and everyone waited while she got ready.  After a long delay, she was found with a curling iron chord wrapped tightly around her neck and was rescued by friends.  (Tiffany) was not yet ready to go out into the world again.  She was still in misery and wanted it to go away.
Dreams are erased and smiles are pushed away in the world of depression. People who experience this are convinced there is no way out and they embrace lies about themselves.  One lie is that it is impossible for things to get better.  Another is that they are a loser or a nobody and do not matter. These lies go totally against what the Word of God tells us!  The Bible teaches us who we really are, why we were made, what God’s thoughts about us are, and the power He has to deliver us.
Many times, a series of unfortunate events can cause anyone to experience an all time low.  We all react quite differently to the mistakes, sin, or times of mistreatment we face in life. However, I know first hand that we must be convinced of better days to come. Teach yourself to become stubborn in a good way by looking for a series of events to turn things around for the good. Good things will always come your way. Discipline yourself about what you say. Be determined to choose obedience and you will see things lift!  There are horrible things that people are going through all around the world but inspite of those things, there is a God who still wants Life for us. He is a God who pushes against the winds, the waves and the storms and says: “Stop!” He can still calm the rain and slow the streams that rise and blow against us.  The winds that rush at us can be told to BE QUIET by us when we have built our house on the Rock and have put His words into practice so that we won’t fall with a crash but will stand.  It sure doesn’t mean we will never have a bad day!  God is into Renewing us and helping us do things through Christ…so we persevere through the tough, rough stuff to get to “Promised Land Living.”
Happy New Year to you and yours 🙂

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