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Placing the Pieces


Some of you have felt that your lives are falling a part. But God wants you to know it’s kind of like a puzzle. You see the box. You see the vision and the picture and your like… “That’s what I want. That is what I want right there. That’s my desire.”

And then you open up the box… pouring the pieces out, and they’re just kind of everywhere on the table. He’s wanting you to know, they’re coming together. “AND WE KNOW THAT ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD TO THEM THAT LOVE GOD, TO THEM WHO ARE THE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PUPOSE.” – ROMANS 8:28 NLT. All those pieces are coming together. Sometimes, as you know, they all look alike so we’re putting them in those places trying to fit em in there but there are only certain ones that have that shape that’s going to fit right- In the right places. THE PICTURE WAS MADE WITH ALL THE PIECES IN MIND. We’re just human. And we are having to see where they go and where they fit. So all the frustration comes along with that. Putting that piece where it goes. And the Puzzle Maker- He’s making sure that the vision is still there. You’re still able to look at the vision and put things where they go. THEY HAVE TO GO SOMEWHERE. He’s going to lead you and guide you.

We grab the box. It is beautiful. We want it now but the challenge is before us. In pieces! Why? Maybe to sit with certain people while we figure some things out. Maybe it is to build endurance as we wait on it to come together. Maybe it is to grow our perspective and our gratitude when one person or thing makes it back to the original, significant purpose and designed plan. Maybe it is to spend time with our Maker as we learn to appreciate each step and misstep in the process, each color in the big picture, each thought in everything created, each curve in the meant to be’s or “non meant to be’s” that end up together in one frame. Heck! We wanted to throw those pieces out. They were the most aggravating of all! But still, we had to have them to complete the pic. Finishing up, we look at the master plan and all the times He found ways to get us to meet Him at the table, to re-think things, to work, to not give up, and to FINISH.

Courage Question: Have you given up on your “life puzzle” ever coming together?

Sit and See.

Courage Quote: He’s helping to place the pieces as you give Him your daily life.


  • Courtney Draughon

    I love you Mom! And I will always remember what you’ve said and believed for many, many years: “God turns everything around for the good of those that love Him and are called according to His purposes!” – Rom. 8:28-30 💜 You’ve taught me better than anyone about my humanness. Your grace for me as a human before being a minister/Pastor’s wife, has truly blessed me over and over again.

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