Make it official.

If you haven’t had a talk with God about current situations, make it official.

“The Israelites went up to Bethel and inquired of God.” (Judges 20:18) In the previous chapter, a wicked, outrageous thing had happened that caused someone to die. So the Israelites were speaking out about it, trying to punish those guilty (the Benjamites) of the act, and purge the evil from Israel. The battle began. It wasn’t looking good for the Israelites; they were losing men left and right.

A second and third time, the Israelites go and inquire of the Lord. Verse 23 says they went up and wept before the Lord until evening. Then in verse 26-27, the whole army sat weeping at Bethel, fasting and presenting fellowship offerings to the Lord. This time, things changed in their favor.

When justice and change needs to happen, inquire of God! Keep inquiring of the Lord and things will change. What is it that we are offering God today? Have we sat before Him about our nation and the issues we are being affected by? Each of us should bring ourselves into accountability to face Him as we speak up for a cause.

An official attempt to discover the facts about something is an inquiry. It is seeking a request for truth, information, or knowledge. It could be a query or question, or it may be an extensive investigation. If you haven’t inquired of God about it, it’s not “official.” This is your position of freedom and duty to do so if you’re going to have the right authority, outcome, and end up settled. Judges 21:13 “Then the whole assembly sent an offer of peace to the Benjamites at the rock of Rimmon.”

Make it official.

Inquire of the Lord.

Send an offer of peace.

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