A life changing message

Life changing messages will always be relevant. For anyone who is trying to get their life right, we pray for you ahead of you reading this, that He meets you right where you are. We pray also that a new beginning happens here in this space for you. Good things always come to those who are willing to wait!

Have you yearned for a message of spiritual relevancy that you can share anytime with anyone? I felt a prodding to share this message my husband preached and hope it brings revelation to your spirit…

Acts 1:1-8 “…Jesus gave the disciples this command- wait for the gift my Father promised…the Holy Spirit….Stay until you receive this. John baptized in water; you will be baptized in the Holy Spirit…you will receive power from Him to be my witnesses…(these were His last words.)” Acts 2:1- “All of them were filled. They began to speak in other languages as the Spirit enabled them…”

To the church: “There are three things here within this message that need to be taking place in our lives. We love celebrating Pentecost Sunday and we mark a date each year to do that but you should’ve been filled with the Holy Spirit with wind blowing in your life yesterday. Tomorrow ought to be a Pentecost Sunday in your life. Tomorrow there ought to be fresh wind and fresh fire. Next Tues. (example) at 2:00p.m., the wind of the Holy Spirit ought to be blowing in your life. This is sometimes the problem with the church- we mark special, sacred, days. And Jesus on Monday morning, which is the heart of The Monday Mentor, is saying where is my church at? Why do ya’ll come together and meet for an hour or so once a week and act like there’s something so sacred and special about that when I’m also in your life in the car with you?! We ought to realize time is spinning down and we should quit living just for marked moments but be living each day with Him apart of our lives.

The start of the whole process is staying somewhere until you receive. We’re not going to have a move of God if we don’t have the Holy Spirit in our lives.

It is an everyday thing. Quit living just for marked moments and live in this Holy Sprit of today. Beyond speaking another language, where’s the power in your life? Where’s the power to break addiction? Where’s the power to live a sinless life? Where’s the power to increase in life? Where is the power showing up in your life? Because the reality of receiving the Holy Spirit is that we’re going to see power in our lives. If you don’t have any explosive, dunamis power in your spiritual life, if you’re struggling with mess and dealing with junk and nothing’s working out then you need to go back to “Jerusalem” (a place of peace, expectation, prayer and a period of seeking and waiting.) and you need to stay there until you have the promise of the Father. The reason we’re not seeing people live a victorious Christian life is not because sin is getting stronger or the world’s getting darker, it’s because we are missing the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We talk all around Him, talk all about Him and quote all the scriptures. Then we come together on one Sunday out of the year and hope that the wind blows. But I can guarantee you when Jesus caused the wind to blow in that upper room, He didn’t intend for that to be a once a year event for Christians. He intended for it to be an everyday event in our lives and empowers us to live the life Christ calls us to live. There’s something about staying, tarrying at an altar, travailing, pushing a little more, into prayer. Jesus was always pushing in a little farther. He was always giving the example of doing a little bit more, pushing a little bit harder, going a little bit further than everybody else. If we’re going to call ourselves Christians then we ought to have the same attitude where we go a little farther and push a little harder and do a little more than what we see other people doing, and I think that then is where the power of God begins to flow. Sometimes during or after a prayer meeting, in a service or when you’re listening to a worship song, in the car or in a hospital room, in your living room, (#1) a suddenly moment can happen when the Holy Spirit visits us. You need a prayer place at your house, where suddenly He comes in. (#2) Do whatever you have to do to shut out the sounds of the enemy so you can hear the sound of God. The place where they met was shaken when He came in. We need to turn ourselves toward the sound of Heaven and begin to move toward it, go toward it and begin to move our spirit toward it so that we open ourselves up to it! Don’t be scared to open yourselves and move into that thing. We need to live full of Pentecost. We need to be spirit empowered by God’s Word and the Holy Spirit. Then I believe God is going to show us something. You’re marked. You’re set for this. You’re trying to live a sinless life. You live with conviction in your life. You know right and wrong. You’re not going to mess this up. As you move toward it and feel it, I believe you’re going to see something from God. It could be that you need to recommit to Him. You could hear something for someone else. (#3) Something is going to come into sight for you. Can you say Amen?!

*If you are lost or backslidden…if you’re away or you want this deeper, personal connection, begin by praying this prayer. (It’s not the end result- you’ve got to live a Christian life, begin to get into the Word, connect to some Bible believing friends, a Bible believing church, you gotta walk this thing out. But this prayer is a starting point.)”

**Say: “Dear Jesus, forgive me of my sin, come into my life, make me a new creation. Let everything old pass away. Let everything become brand new. I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord. He’s the Lord of my life. I’ll never be the same again. Never, never, never. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

-Pastor Derek K. Draughon, “P.D.”

Reconciliation is life changing. If you’d like to let us know you prayed this prayer, please find The Monday Mentor Facebook group, follow, participate or message us to share your story: Leave your email here for my upcoming video. And as always, thank you so much for visiting this site! I am happy to serve you with words of life and hope. It is God that provides us with encouraging truths and prophetic insights. Therefore, THIS is our season. declare “This is my season!” -Courtney

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