“Life with sugar on top”

For the past two months, this is our 7 yr. olds answer when asked what he wants for breakfast: “Give me Life Mom…Life with sugar on top!” He went to Grandma’s one day and found out you can sprinkle sugar on any kind of cereal there is. He goes to Meme’s and finds out there are miniature cokes available in the fridge.  At our house, he finds orange juice and he finds that our tablespoons are more like teaspoons!  But it is still accomplishing Life with sugar on top.  It’s just a different way of applying the sugar…Bentley seems content everywhere he goes these days because he finds something good in every place.  Psalm 145:16 says “You open Your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing.”
For the last two Sundays, Derek has taught one of the most vital messages we can apply to our lives.  Accepting the third man in the Trinity is much like accepting love, good news, plus a gift from someone.  I can’t help but say that in my life, this Helper & Counselor, has been the comforting sugar on top. We believe in God and accept Him as Creator of Life who is good and has planned a full life for us.  We receive Jesus and accept Him as Prince and Savior who indulges in giving. (Acts 5:31-32) We should also open the door to this third Person, the Holy Spirit, who is significant too.  To leave Him out could mean leaving out special secrets; ignoring His existence could cause us to sense a gap in our relationship with our Creator and Savior since the Holy Spirit was sent to be in relationship with us also.
Without our God, we would not exist or be creative! Without our Savior’s forgiveness of our sin, hell would be our eternal home.  The amazing option of repentance spares so many tragedies in this LIFE.  Without accepting and receiving this third Person that Jesus left for us when He went to be at the right hand of the Father, our intercession with God is limited.  If you choose Him, you’ll notice a specific difference in your Life.  You will notice it’s a bit sweeter and more satisfying!  You will also be aware of that extra Help during hard circumstances and a convicting guidance; there will be a stronger prayer life and deeper sense of peace.  You will definitely be less alone!  Don’t just choose Life…choose Life with sugar on top.

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