Maybe (again) you didn’t start the day off at 100%.

Maybe you did not start off being open to receive all that God has planned for you today.

But worship can bring those numbers up. Worship is instrumental in getting you into a position to be 100% aiming in the right direction. The process, plan, or system put in place by the world to make something happen- does not always work; We’re still to find out how we can personally serve the One that gave us life and there’s a defined usefulness in pursuing this.

Each day has something clear to offer. Every day has significant meaning and when we live like this, we become even more instrumental and influential. We begin to draw in the blessings that are offered to us! We start envisioning more that is possible. The voice and hands of Jesus can come through and reach you where you are. Wherever, Whatever, However, and Whenever!!!!

Courage Question: Who has been instrumental in helping you define the lines of cloudy and clear? How did they cause something to happen during an agonizing span of pain in your drought of answers?

Courage Quote: If we want to be instrumental in helping to make the world a better place, we’ll be receivers of tools that help us do so. We’ll be believers who can be tools that work toward unlocking another person’s crisis, calming their heartache, and leading them in the right direction.

Prayer: God, help us find the right answers. Get us in a mode of waiting on You for the experience of peace to come into our situations. Bring the voice of Your Spirit that is instrumental in guiding the steps we should take. Then at just the right time, we will move into action. It won’t be too late or too early; it will be right on time!

** Next week, I’ll share with you about a Doctor who has impacted my family and given straight forward answers in some uncertain situations we faced.

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