A Surge of Power

Windmill wind generates power. Being a machine that runs on the energy rotated by the wind, it’s structured to use power of flowing air to produce electricity or pump water. I think of God as the Ace of the Air…using every resource for His purposes. Do you need God to create a surge of power in your life right now? He doesn’t just generate power; He is power. God won’t leave us in the dark. I love when He allowed a power surge for the enemies of the Israelites…

“The Lord swept the sea back by a strong east wind. The Israelites walked through the sea on dry ground with the waters a wall to the right and to the left. The Egyptians along with their horses and chariots were in the middle of the sea, stuck in mud…” This was a sudden surge of power by God as He creatively used the elements to help His people. He can move and travel with great speed, force and love. Exodus 14:21-31 and Psalm 78:13

The prince of the air (Eph. 2:2 AMP) cannot use the element of air the way God can. Satan has no way of producing a flow of power that won’t run out! His only influential chance at power is through our disobedience. With a sudden gust of pride and dramatic increase in his desire for more power, satan surged out. A common cause for an electrical power surge, especially the most powerful ones, is lightning. “Satan fell like lightning.” (Luke 10:17-22) He tried to exceed the boundaries God set for him by trying to be big with all consuming power. Doesn’t this sound like a voltage spike to you?! Satan thought he could inherit the throne but there was only One who is King! Satan is ruler over a “territory” but not ruler of all.

Think of technology. It takes a lot of power to keep it all going. We run out of energy trying to keep up. Generate the wind of God’s Holy Spirit by tapping into the resource of living water. Let it create light and increasing power for your life that builds your energy and does not damage. We can have an oversupply of God’s power transferred to us through Jesus. We’ll be more inclined to depend on His surge of power when we reach the peak of our own capacity and realize He is our Source of ability. It is “by the power of His Spirit, that we overflow….” Rom. 15:13. When we are at a standstill, God can create a passageway. When we have no power left within ourselves to draw from, God can use elements and people, to show us a brand new way through.

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