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You will be hurt in church/ 1

There. I said it.

Coming from someone who probably hurt some people, coming from someone who most definitely has been hurt, I’m here to tell you that you too will be hurt in church. Your very next question is: “Then why go?”

In going (or going back), you will enter a process that was begun by a mighty God who formed everything into being. He set the world in motion and He created the organism we call church. Jesus’ bride. Do I believe you have to be there for every event? No. Do I believe you’re suppose to be mistreated. Nope. Do I believe you’ve got to participate in every single meeting or like each idea presented? No. Do I believe there is only one way to do church? No way!

How can we become the kind of bride that exemplifies Christ and Christianity? How can we as individual parts, cause the church’s function to be healthy? I don’t see the answer in running away. I haven’t found the answer in hidden anger, and I haven’t experienced positive things from those who bash the church. They/we are just as bad as those that hurt us if we then become as they are. I hope you’re interested in going through this whole series with me. Listen to our real and raw podcast below on the topic of church hurt but first consider my offer to you here.

* This might sound crazy…During this series, I’d like to walk through some places with you. I want you to email me ( with the subject line: You will be hurt in church. Or: I went back to church. Give your story if you would like. Be ready for a healing word of honesty and guidance. This is an attempt to better “the church” instead of bashing the church. This is not judgement; this is mentoring. I purposefully did not add scripture in this blog post series. Too many times, scripture is used in jabbing and destructive ways. That is never my intent. God’s love is within this post and I have to believe people can sense that without spilling out all the verses. It’s not about proving anything; it is about letting healing unfold for those that truly need and want it. If you agree, say Amen!


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