Taking Action

When you have a dream, get “All In”, committing your heart, soul and strength to the Lord and His commands (Deut. 6:4-25). You can accomplish anything God has for you to do! You’d be surprised at the connections that are beginning to take shape as you’re in these special moments with God. He won’t be stingy with ideas and inspiration either. His generous Spirit will give you action life steps for your dream. Often times, it is a simple command of one word for you or your family to receive and root.
Matt. 13:21 says: “But since they have no root, they last only a short time when trouble or persecution comes because of the word, they quickly fall away.” Roots (anchor, establish, support, cause, reason, nourish) are needed to hold us in place, to hold us in christian growth, and to produce a crop. They’re needed for remembering why we had the dream in the first place, and roots can connect us to resources that will ultimately accomplish that dream. Let the words God gives you, settle within and attach to your life in such a way that you can’t easily detach or run from them.
To maintain a readiness for ministry, Derek and I have to consistently do a little gardening. We have to allow the Master Gardener to work in the soil of our souls, dispose of old pieces and add new support as we need it (John 15). It’s no different than the working of a dream in your heart. It will most likely require every bit of effort and perseverance you can find, to get that dream up from beneath the dark unseen places into open spaces where it can finally thrive and flourish.
In Matt. 14:27, Jesus said: “Take courage!” We’ll need a great deal of courage to pursue our dreams while living the christian life. Ask “Does my dream include first a sincere dedication to God, family and church mission?” Next “Does my action plan make room for others in a generous way? Can I remain steadfast as divine encounters begin to happen?” Lastly “How am I contributing to the Great Commission?” Jesus set out to accomplish the biggest dream of all. I believe when our dreams align with His passion, it will bring true fulfillment to our lives and Life Change will be the result.


Action Step: Ask yourself: “How am I getting the breath of God into my dream and/or into someone else’s dream?” A suggestion would be to write a 5 min. proclamation over your life and say it aloud. Add a verse and prayer of your own to the end. Here’s one I did recently…”Enough has been stolen, taken, captured, broken, lost, damaged. I speak over my dreams and my family’s dreams of newness, of being found, clean, known by God, loved, redeemed. I look for the turnarounds, connections, breakthroughs & resurrections in Jesus’ name…!”


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