Standstill Stop! 2/5

Have you ever laid the groundwork for an important work and began the job with the right focus but then strife tried to set in? You were making the necessary sacrifices and offered what you knew the work required, yet you found yourself and the work at a standstill?

Other factors are always going to barge their way into our story. It’s got to continue though. The movie of your life must go on. The One who began the good work in you must complete it. God can tell the standstill to stop! He can orchestrate the words of His prophets to overthrow the words of the problem people.

Leave your email here for my upcoming video. And as always, thank you so much for visiting this site! I am happy to serve you with words of life and hope. It is God that provides us with encouraging truths and prophetic insights. Therefore, THIS is our season. declare “This is my season!” -Courtney

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