Make a Sound- part 6

Your heartache can accomplish deep ministry in someone else. Jesus went to the cross and accomplished that for us. It was only when we knew about it, that it became our healing comfort. You need to make a sound. Out of Jesus’ agony, He made a sound: “Father, it is finished!” This sound sent vibrations throughout the earth and connected us with heaven’s army.

I’ve had the privilege of mentoring people already this year, to share their stories! It’s a great feeling to aid those who don’t know how to put their story into “good” words. God has made some promises to us. He will see us through. The way we decide to tell things, can be the way He chooses to heal things. Will you open your pain up to positivity? Make your sounds. Don’t think about trying to get it to sound like a perfect story. There are none of those.

I am offering my time in mentoring for this topic. If you are interested in putting your story into words, simply chick here. As soon as the one-time fee is processed, you will receive an email contact.

Let’s get started!

Maybe you’re not ready to share your story yet, but you still need weekly encouragement. Leave your email here for my upcoming video. Thank you for following along with us in this series! And as always, thank you so much for visiting this site. I am happy to serve you with words of life and hope- Courtney

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