Make a Sound- part 3

Ears, contrary to the way some have put it, are not an “evolutionary innovation” but rather an incredible creation “that allows us to register sound waves in the air around us and process them as information. And it is not “magically” but amazingly planned out, “that ears give us the ability to sense even slight sound waves so that it can usually tell us exactly where the sound is coming from and what the meaning of it is. And it enables us to talk.”

Though I don’t believe ears have just magically evolved over time but that they were made precise from the beginning, I do think our distinct voice may take time to gradually get better. By voice, I mean the purpose of your story for the sake of others knowing Christ. It doesn’t have to be at a high pitch. It doesn’t have to sound like the person beside you. Make your own sound! The people who need to hear what you’ve got to say, will love the way it sounds.

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