Life and Peace- Part 3

“…the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.” Romans 8:2-11

Nick Vujicic was born without arms and legs. His Mom had a hard time holding him in the beginning and didn’t know if Nick would survive but as time went on, Nick’s parents “saw that their little guy was sturdy, happy, energetic, and unaffected by his lack of limbs” until his teen years. His Mom would tell him, like his siblings, to figure things out. (One example was making the bed!) His parents told him if he showed strength and believed in himself, he’d win acceptance. “It wasn’t until his mid-twenties that he met someone else like himself. He counters despair by reaching out to help others and being apart of something greater than himself”. Though he keeps a pair of shoes incase a miracle happens for him, he travels all over the world, is a public speaker and motivator and has the help of several caretakers. ¬†It was his High School janitor who invited him to one of their small group bible studies and encouraged him to become a public speaker. He now is married with two kids! I have read several of his books and life philosophies, one of which is: “If you can’t get a miracle for yourself, get one to someone else.” One of my favorite life statements by him is: “My spiritual life is strong and empowering. I know I was created for a purpose and I am loved unconditionally. Where I am weak, my Creator is strong.” This is a true example of letting the Spirit govern. We would be foolish to assume there is no pain in Nick Vujicic’s life, however, the influential outcome is such an outpouring beyond the physical. It is the complete opposite of the story I’m about to share.

One morning, I was behind a car that had a broken side mirror and I was sitting, wondering about it. There was a long line waiting on the light to turn green. People were getting their kids to school. In those few moments, I noticed how still the lady in the passenger seat was and also, the child in the backseat. All of a sudden, they say a few words and the man begins punching the roof, front and side of the car very violently. His wife and child stayed facing the front and didn’t move. It seemed that they were use to this behavior but shouldn’t be. When the light turned, we all went in separate directions and I breathed a heartfelt prayer for the boy in the back seat dressed in a school uniform. I prayed for their day and the well being of that family. The flesh was in control in that car. The flesh realm was absent of peace. It was absent of the life and peace that Jesus died to give us. Some people look so capable. At first glance, they appear more than able to do what they need to do or what they should do. However, they’re incapable. Then there are those that seem so incapable…of overcoming. They look anything but able, however, they are able in ways we have no idea how. It’s because of the realm they live in, the sphere that is influencing their minds, the domain that rules all of their activity. We’ve all messed up but today is a new day with new¬†possibilities. What will we choose….


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