How do you fight a GIANT? #5

Big and proud falls hard and loud! Goliath was heavily weighted down with bronze, iron and arrogance; He had “the look” but David had the hook. With a sling and a stone, the giant was hit with force. “The Philistine fell facedown on the ground.” (1 Sam. 17:48-58)

We can finally proclaim “I am done with you…. Lies, you have to go. This battle is the Lord’s!” Be deliberate. Get tired of the standoff and find your boldness. Don’t talk yourself out of better days by letting your mind run wild about all the things you could lose while trying to win. David knew if he did not kill his giant, it would confront him the rest of his life.

In my hands, a sling and a stone would be useless but Ephesians 6:10-18 gives me a full, fitted armor and skills that kill the enemy’s arrows. Get familiar with spiritual tools! Cut attachments that bring ruin to your health, home, family and future. We cannot defeat giants in our own name.

Isn’t it crazy how the thing we’re dealing with is often so invisibly bossy, burdensome, nagging, domineering, quietly demanding, and ridiculously time consuming?! Though the scales can appear frighteningly unbalanced, God’s Word promises if it’s exalting itself up against the knowledge of God, we can pull it down. (2 Cor. 10:3-5) Today it is struck. Down. Breathless!

Though the risks are high, there comes a day of battle where we have to make a new habit. The Israelites had a habit of running away; David had a habit of running toward big things because he knew what rescue and deliverance felt like. Your enemy will challenge you, mock you, and disturb you but today let’s choose Jesus, a fasted meal, a faith filled prayer, and a fight that wins!

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