How do you fight a GIANT? #3

Goliath was David’s GIANT. What is yours?

You may be looking around at all the capable looking people standing near the giant that threatens your life and theirs. Maybe for a moment, you wish someone else would take care of it. Yet, you’re unable to shake the piercing nudge inside that it is not their giant to slay. (1 Samuel 1:26)

Our background has something to do with the kind of giant we come up against in the future. David became a king but look what he fought as a shepherd: A lion and a bear (1 Samuel 17: 34-36). Lions, commonly known as “the king of beasts,” symbolize Kingly power and might. The bear symbol represented a protector and exemplified courage, physical strength and leadership. They are strong and quick. Giants are known for being Superhuman. Let your giant reflect something within yourself that is exceptional and remarkable! For example, David became a king (elevated seat or chair) before he came up against an elevated superhuman.

Just one chapter before Goliath came onto the scene, (1 Samuel 16:13-23) David was anointed, chosen as king and became Saul’s armor bearer. He played the lyre when the spirit of God left king Saul. This is a huge feat to come into a place where an evil spirit is, and use your gifting along with God’s anointing to stop torment. This is how we fight giants; We don’t allow them to become bigger than our God. We don’t make them incredible with our words and our worry; We make our God the ultimate giant with our conversations, inner dialogue, prayers and actions. People will know who we believe to be the bigger giant. God was with David. Ask Him to be with you too. You were made to conquer GIANTS!

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  • Lori Williams

    These are great encouraging words of wisdom. Every woman will or has faced a giant in their life & as we (I) pray to God sometimes wonder am I humble enough for God to hear me. As a young girl I prayed to God & never even imagined God not hearing my prayers. But as women get older sometimes being too busy will cause you to second guess yourself. The fact of the matter is God is waiting for us to slow down & give our time to him. As one gives time to the Lord he in return will allow our days to be longer & we will realize the giant we faced was ourselves.

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