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Hope is Huge

Maybe you’ve heard it said: “Healed people do healed things.”

Maybe you have also heard: “You’re set apart for a specific task.”

Whether we believe we are healed and set apart or not, He is the God of hope. Whether we’ve had a good night’s sleep or not– He is the God of hope. Whether we’re happy with our lives at this moment or not– He’s the God of hope. That’s huge. That’s tremendous. Enormous. Massive. Extensive.

God’s hope for us is far reaching. It covers us. It birth’s dreams. Hope can lengthen our lives.

I don’t normally write about my brother’s battle with lymphoma. It was huge. Some days were a reality of life’s brittleness. Other days were an unbridled collision of emotions. The first time I heard about the tumor in his neck, I cried out to God in prayer all the way home. I had been at Old Navy getting camp clothes for the boys. When I got the text, I stood still. Stunned. Shocked. Though I knew it was time to leave the store, I couldn’t move. Suddenly, the world’s pulse was deep and heavy around me. But just as sudden, was hope from God when His Spirit whispered to me on a certain curve in the road that day: “He (my brother) will experience My power.” I still remember what spot of the road I was on when He spoke that to me. That’s huge. Hope is big. What it can do is big. How it carries us through is big.

I remember when it was hard to breathe thinking of my brother and his family, my parents and my other brother. Time continued on and Granny Big handed me a picture frame with a saying on it. She told me to set it somewhere and then return it when my brother came through the battle. It said: “Nothing touches our lives that is not sifted through the hands of God.” It showed me nothing has happened or is going to happen without it being sifted through God’s hands first. After the battle, I gave it back to her! I had set it on the foyer table at my parents’ house for more than a year. Some days, I would walk quietly by it remembering Big’s words and mainly the word I had said in prayer by faith to her, to God, to my parents, to Brad, and to many. It was the agreement me and my husband and boys (and family) made: when. I never lost hope in what God said that first day. His power was experienced. He is still our hope. That hope is huge!!

People who have been touched by God’s power have a unique way of bringing hope of healing to somebody else. We can give healing words to others. There is a task you are set apart for. There are days of hope you are called to live in. Not a tiny hope. But a hope that is huge. A hope that reaches, covers, lengthens, trusts, and transforms lives.


  • Judy Jednat

    It IS HUGE ! Hope is ALL we have in GOD and I thank HIM everyday for it ! Thank you for reminding me of the “promise” of God-that you’re brother was healed ! Thank you JESUS !!!

  • Latasha Owens

    Wow! I know what your brother and family went through was tough!!! Tough is probably not even the right word to describe the experience.

    You are right! Hope is huge! It keeps us well! Without it, we become sick. Thank you for the reminder to hold on to hope. That is a now word as I am sitting next to my son laying in a hospital bed as I write this.

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