Holding Forgiveness

At fifteen months old, our son Braxton kept pushing on a column in our house. It was the short, heavy plaster column I had wanted for a long time. (Finally after seeing it in a magazine on sale, I drove forty-five minutes to get it, packing it carefully in the car with lots of towels.) It was fairly new and very pretty with black and white speckled paint, now holding a beautiful candle on top…Thinking of all this, I stopped Brax and told him “no”! A few seconds later, I turned around after hearing a dreaded break. Yes, he had pushed the column over and broke it despite me telling him “no” several times. I was mad and stared at him but it was obvious he was more sorry than I was angry. He threw himself on the pillow and cried. He kept glancing at the column and then at me. I hugged him after a few minutes and told him “I am so glad you didn’t get hurt and I forgive you.” Looking down at Braxton’s relieved face, I quickly wondered what I would have ever done if God did not forgive me of my mistakes throughout life. Many times, we know when we are doing wrong but still choose to push God to the limit. When it seems we’ve done too much and we won’t get another chance, that’s usually when He hands us forgiveness again. God gave us something that was very dear to Him…His son. Even when we mistreat that gift or break our promises, again and again God is ready to forgive. He does not stop there either! He gives us beauty for ashes…that broken column made a cool planter for the back porch. Who would’ve guest it 🙂

Prayer: God, I pray right now about all things, especially about You and I. Lord, may I listen intently to You and build our relationship instead of allowing it to be broken down. May we become closer, Lord. I don’t ever want You to think I’ve backed off or don’t love You anymore. You are my Savior still. Today, I ask You to forgive me of any wrongs I have done. I’ll never forget how You’re forgiveness held me to You, how Your correction drew me to serve You, and how Your presence changed my entire appearance. My outlook on things went from bad to great, from constant worry to peaceful days. Lord You are the victory through everything from bad thoughts to horrible crimes done. Thank you for holding forgiveness for me and for the whole world. Amen!

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