Familiar Voice

There’s that voice. She is calling me again and I hear her loud and clear. She means what she says; she is not kidding and I had better obey! Remembering as a child, this voice gave me security. Even now as an adult, there is the feeling of comfort and total freedom to be myself when this voice is present. It is the voice of my mother. It became so common at times I disregarded it unintentionally. The important lessons were mixed with comments and demands I seemed to hear often. There was a distinction though, in the middle of my hurt or desperation, between my mother’s voice and any other. There could be multiple voices going loudly but my mother’s gentle one would calm the tide of emotions within me. The value of it was placed deep in my heart a long time ago! Overall, this voice of familiarity came from someone who cared about me and wanted the best for me so I grew to respect it, cherish it, and love it. Needs were met in my life because of my Mom being there. This familiar voice helped me, infuriated me (at times lol), but loved me. I could not deny the love that came from being disciplined or directed out of trouble into better decisions, and always giving great “nurse” advice, prayer and courage. My Mom is an example of Faith for me. She’s done her personal best, she is one of the hardest workers I know, and her life is surrounded by the things she loves. Happy Mother’s Day ahead of time!

There is another voice I have grown accustomed to. Inside this voice is complete confidence of what it says, patience for who it says it to, and a no compromise air of never changing from the truth to a joke. This voice is so quiet at times I feel it could be a mistake. Yet other moments, it is so loud, I have turned expecting to see someone there! This voice holds more weight than the most sophisticated, it is more enchanting than the world’s entertainment, and it is emphatic enough that one will have to step back and give it it’s undivided attention! The first time I heard this voice, I did not know where it was coming from…all I knew was that a voice that strong was capable of changing well thought out decisions. It’s worthy of honor and loyalty. This voice holds power to break the hardest, well-built walls. It is the voice of God. It carries an “extra” person to be beside you. It shares plans, hopes, and dreams about yourself that you were not even aware of. The voice of God puts tools in your hands to create a better life. It works to take discouragement out of the picture replacing it with success. Happiness comes from hearing this amazing voice. I have trusted in it and can count on it. It’s sure and inspirational for me. This voice also cares and wants the best for us and when we realize the love that comes from it, we will want to hear it often. In the midst of our everyday prayer life, God’s voice can become a familiar one in a good way: in the way that is intimate and closely acquainted, not common or ordinary!


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