Healing Series

At His Feet

#5. We fall. 

No matter where you came from, Jesus’ presence can meet you in your distress. Yes, there are different cultural elements between people of the world but I do not think Jesus heals and delivers us based on culture or color especially if we are willing to come to Him from wherever we are. I believe He heals us based on love. Coming from everywhere, from countryside and citywide, we fall at His feet.

Worship can happen anywhere. When we remember where we’ve come from, when we recall being “buried alive” in problems, when we look at the things that have been healed- we should once again fall at His feet. From the tombs, from the synagogues, from the crowds, they came. His presence brings (them/us) relief. He brought relief from their fears and torments. Relief in their deepest need and heartache. Relief from their longest physical battle. Relief from their worry. Relief and calm and control. These stories make us want to say: “Jesus put Your hands on me or just speak in my direction. Heal me. Come. Help my family”!

I believe the Lord is saying to us today as He said to the woman with an issue of blood in Mark 5:34 “Go in peace, and be healed of your trouble.” I think He wants us to learn His message that teaches us to be better and to get well and to be free. The same thing Jesus told Jairus, can be applied to us too: “Don’t be afraid, only believe.” As He taught others then, He is teaching us now: “Have faith.” “Be freed from your suffering.” At His Feet, they fell. At His Feet, we fall…in prayer, in need, in reverential worship, into healing hands, and into a healing presence.

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