Healing Series,  Honesty

Are you bent on a breakthrough?

If the majority of us are going through painful experiences at the same time, we can relate but we probably cannot depend on the majority to solve our problem. And no matter how honest, loving, real, consistent, faithful, compassionate, and integrous we have been, are, or continue to be – it will not move or change or fulfill or ease some people’s problems!

If someone is bent on being lousy and having an attitude exempt of gratitude, your “good nature” won’t heal them. If he/she is sulking over something less major than most of the “majority’s” issues, they’ll burrow in bitterness. But if he/she is expecting restoration even through their biggest dilemma, a fully restored individual is what you will eventually witness. Ya can’t help a devil! But you sure can express your healing spirit to people bent on breakthrough!

“Regaining full strength” and “returning safely to normal” activities after a heart operation, might take re-training. I love what 1 Tim. 4:7-10 says about us training ourselves! Are we training to be lousy or are we training to be godly? We “labor and strive because we have put our hope in the living God…” We need to teach ourselves particular skills and behaviors. We’ve got to develop the knowledge to be competent again, showing up regularly to recovering methods of positivity. We are capable. Efficient. Accepted.

May I ask you a Courage Question? What has your heart been through?

I call them courage questions because they require stepping away from fear to tell a story regardless of what others have said or done to you. Regardless of how bad spirits have held you back or trapped your best from coming out. Can you see yourself making your way to recovery while on a stretcher and nowhere else to go? Recovering new methods are there waiting on you…


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