A God Idea

God ideas are not just carried out by church goers. I’ve witnessed people who do not know God personally (who’ve never professed any kind of belief system) to be used in a God idea.  Giving is straight from an intellegent God!

I once had a friend in Fairhope that I met at a park where she was spending a few hours with her grandson.  From that encounter, I learned that Scott Whitney Salon recently cut her hair and that she lived right down the street from the park and the school where I took Braxton for daycare.  She learned about Celebration Church which we pastored at the time, and we exchanged phone numbers.  From this relationship came some interesting things. First, we were invited to their beautiful home and even though they were not church goers, us church goers went to them.  They were fun and creative; they truly enjoyed their city.  One particular day, I went to the Mobile convention center with a  couple friends from middle school…we quickly noticed the stretchy, bright colored scarves that had many functions. I’m sure you remember those! Jill and Nicole bought a few things and I walked around looking.  I remember thinking about really wanting a hot pink scarf (which was not a normal color for me to choose at all) but decided not to buy it.  On the way back I even was a little upset about not getting it haha.  Forty-five min. later, turning into the Learning Tree parking lot to pick up Braxton, was Becky, my friend from the park!  She was holding a bag with a fancy ribbon tied on it.  She handed it to me and said: “I thought of you today when I saw this. I hope you like it!  I reached in and pulled out a hot pink, stretchy scarf.  It happened to be my birthday. It happened to be a God idea that I got wrapped up in.  How nice.  How exciting.  How spiritual.  Every time I looked at it, I felt God loved me.  If we buy everything we want, how will we give others and God the chance to give?  How will we know that we are known personally? If we demand for things to take place just as we would have it, how will we ever know the dynamics of a true miracle?

There’s a God idea I’ve used for many years now called J.A. It’s so much fun! Take an index card and write Jesus Anonymous on front. On the back I write: “There’s a whole world out there waiting for their dreams to awaken.  Don’t just search for needs.  Look for desires. Do it with greatness, and remember Jesus gets the glory as you remain anonymous.”  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten to give little and big things to mainly strangers and the reason I am writing about it is because of the chance to get more people giving.  There are millions of little needs and desires you can give freely (not under compulsion or guilt) because you want to!  God ideas are meant to inspire, encourage, complete, and rescue.  God ideas are all about connection with Him…for us to recognize He is real.  They are smart ideas that fulfill and bring blessings to us and others. Pursue them! You are one of God’s brightest ideas!


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